About Our Team

Greg Ruggerone

Salmon Scientist
Dr. Greg Ruggerone has over 35 years’ experience in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Learn more.

Scott Goodman

Fisheries Researcher
Scott has over 23 years’ experience in research projects along the Pacific West Coast and Alaska. Learn more.

Kyle Antonelis

Senior Fisheries Analyst
Kyle has over 13 years’ experience in collecting, managing, and analyzing fisheries related data. Learn more.

Jamey Selleck

Marine Ecologist

Jamey has 20 years’ experience managing projects of Puget Sound marine and nearshore habitats. Learn more.

Joan Drinkwin

Marine Conservation Researcher
Joan has 25 years’ of experience in developing and operationalizing collaborative conservation programs. Learn more.

Madison Heller-Shipley

Fisheries Researcher

Madison is a fishery researcher specializing in population dynamics modeling. She is currently in the PhD. program at the University of Washington School of Fisheries. Learn more.

Max Calloway

Research Analyst

Max leads technical and scientific research, and coordinates collaborative programs. Learn more.

Jen Repp

GIS Analyst

Jen joined NRC in 2023 as a Marine Scientist/GIS Analyst. She specializes in spatial analytics and modeling the distribution of marine debris. Learn more.

Holly Steindorf

Research Analyst

Holly joined NRC in 2023 as a Research Analyst and assists in field operations, technical writing and data visualization. Learn more.