Kyle L. Antonelis

Senior Fisheries Analyst (NRC Vice President)

Kyle is a fishery analyst with over 13 years’ experience in collecting, managing and analyzing fisheries related data. He effectively integrates empirical data with qualitative information from fishing fleet members, resource managers and other interested stakeholders to conduct a range of in depth analysis for resource assessment, management, and planning. Kyle evaluates policy and management plans, and works on industry-led cooperative research initiatives with the goal of increasing sustainability in fisheries. Kyle is a recognized leader in the field of lost fishing gear removal management, operations, and research. He has managed operations for derelict fishing gear removal since 2008 and is proficient in developing programs and conducting research used to further understand the impacts of marine debris and lost fishing gear, while also addressing the issue through innovative gear modification and prevention methods to reduce both the quantity of lost fishing gear items, and their associated impacts in the marine environment. He has extensive experience working in the field and he serves as field party chief for scientific research cruises in the Bering Sea. Kyle has worked with endangered and protected marine mammals in Alaska, California, Hawaii and Greece; and has worked as a deckhand on commercial fishing vessels in Alaska. Prior to joining NRC, Kyle was a geophysical operations manager for unexploded ordnance (UXO) projects in California and Hawaii.