Gregory T. Ruggerone

Salmon Scientist (NRC Vice President)

Salmon Research – Dr. Greg Ruggerone has over 35 years’ experience in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Most of his career has been spent working with stakeholders and partners investigating salmon recovery processes, salmon life history, carrying capacity of watersheds and the ocean to support salmon, hatchery/wild salmon interactions, forecasting salmon run-sizes and migration timing, salmon habitat needs and restoration, fish passage barriers, and salmonid population responses to environmental conditions. An ongoing research focus is the interaction of pink salmon with other species of salmon in the North Pacific. Much of this effort involved collaborations with native Alaskans to improve access to salmon. Greg has authored over 200 journal articles and technical reports on salmon, and has guided graduate student salmon research at the UW’s Alaska Salmon Program and the University of Alaska. Greg frequently is an invited speaker for conferences, provides scientific review for 29 journals and research organizations, and is the previous Chair of the Columbia River Independent Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) and the Columbia River Independent Scientific Review Panel. He evaluates management of salmon fisheries in Alaska, Canada, Russia, and the west coast for the Marine Stewardship Council and Monterey Bay Aquarium.