James R. Selleck, III

Marine Ecologist (NRC Vice President)

Jamey has 20 years’ experience managing projects of Puget Sound marine and nearshore habitats. He has a diverse background working with ESA-listed species, marine fish, eelgrass, marine shoreline issues, commercial and recreational fisheries, and estuarine and freshwater species and habitats. He has work experience in state, federal, and tribal agencies; non-profit organizations; and universities. He conducts studies on recovery actions for threatened and endangered rockfish, research for forage fish abundance and distribution, commercial fisheries management, large-scale eelgrass distributions, wetland restoration and mitigation, salmon smolt passage through hydroelectric dams, and provides expert witness testimony. Jamey is the NRC Dive Safety Officer, and has conducted hundreds of dives monitoring and assessing species and habitats of the Salish Sea, southern California, and New Hampshire. He also regularly provides volunteer outreach and education on ecology to community groups. Jamey is actively involved in technical committees as Coordinator for the Puget Sound Partnership PSEMP Forage Fish and Food Webs Workgroup, former chair of the Skagit County Marine Resources Committee, former vice-chair for the Board of Directors and Executive Committee for the NW Straits Commission, and he regularly chairs international conference sessions and publishes literature as a recognized expert in marine ecology.