Gastineau Channel Lost Crab Pot Removal Project

NRC worked for the Douglas Indian Association (DIA) to develop and manage a lost crab pot removal project in Gastineau Channel, Juneau, AK. Pots were located using sidescan sonar and removed using a grapple system designed specifically for the project. NRC provided pre-project guidance, including funding assistance and partner development. NRC assisted DIA in selecting appropriate subcontractors, vessels, and grappling supplies. NRC assisted with the construction of the grapple system, supervised all location and removal operations, and collected and synthesized all gear and species impacts related data. NRC presented project results to a public meeting including the full DIA tribal council. NRC also facilitated a meeting of the tribal council and all project partners to determine next steps for DIA to address issues related to lost fishing gear in its traditional territories. Final report is available upon request.

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